The Facts To Consider For Choosing A Food Co-Packer For Your Business

Do you need help developing, packaging, and labeling your food products? An experienced food co-packer can guide you through this lengthy and complex process. Co-packers presence is significant for many suppliers or manufacturers, especially in the food and beverage markets.

What to Consider When Choosing a Co-Packer

When working with a food co-packer, you’re putting your trust in another company. It will not be possible for you to supervise the packaging process. The food co-packers will be responsible for fixing any problems in packaging. Hence selecting the precise co-packer is essential! You should select a company with the right level of experience and proper certification. Here are a few things you should consider when selecting a co-packer for food:

  • Costs and budget: Food co-packers can help you save money in the long run. Professional food co-packers come with upfront costs. Consider your current budget for outsourcing the packaging job and how much work you expect at the start. 
  • Recipe and scalability: Tweaked food products or recipes aren’t scalable. The co-packer offers the food product with exact measurements for mass production. Food co-packers have a production-grade kitchen to ensure mass production. They can handle the workload if your business starts to grow.
  • Quality and safety records: When you’re choosing a reputed food co-packer, assess their quality control methods. Also, look at their safety records to ensure they’re up to FDA standards. Check the food products they products are appreciated by ultimate customers. 
  • Minimum run requirements: Professional food co-packers work according to your needs. They produce the products in small batches to meet your existing needs. It will not end up with too much inventory. 
  • Communication and compatibility: It’s essential to determine the compatibility between you and your chosen food co-packers. Ensure they have the right equipment to handle your product requirements. Communication is essential to ensure your products are as per your standards and delivered on time. 
  • Proximity to your location: The distance between you and your food co-packer can affect costs. So find a food co-packer close to your base.

Contact Sonoma Farm Co-Packing for Your food Co-Packing Needs

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